Christmas Eve

First Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)
910 S. Collins, Arlington, TX

Christmas Eve Services

2:00 Service of Scripture and Song

5:00 Children and Story

7:00 Candlelight Service

11:00 Candlelight Service

Hear the Good News—Jesus Christ is our Emmanuel—God is with us

Pimento Cheese

I made Pimento Cheese tonight. I decided that I should write down what I did in case I like it and want to replicate it.

4 Fresh Jalepenos Peppers, without pulp or seeds.
1/3 Cup Sweet Roasted Red Peppers
4 oz walnuts
12 oz Whipped Cream cheese
8 oz Colby Cheese
8 oz Cheddar Cheese
2.25 oz can of sliced black olives

I put the Jalepenos, roasted red peppers, some of the juice from the red peppers jar, in the food processor and chopped them, then added the walnuts and chopped a little more. Placed peppers, walnuts, and juice in a bowl with the whipped cream cheese and stirred until blended. I put the colby and cheddar in the food processor and chopped it until is had the large granular texture I like. I mixed that in with the cream cheese/pepper mixture. Finally, I drained the olives and added them. Salted and peppered to taste.