Election Day Communion Service

Election Day Communion began as an initiative among a couple of Mennonite pastors and and Episcopal Priest.  While Citizenship tends to bring out the best in us, politics tends to bring out the worst.  For Christians, Christ animates the former and forgives/reforms the latter.  Election Day Communion is a day to come to the Lord’s Table and in self-examination place before God the temptations of self-interest and judgmentalism and combativeness that we may have let get the best of us during the election season.  It is a day to Remember God’s grace through Jesus Christ.  
Another name for Communion is Eucharist which means Thanksgiving.  Election Day Communion is also a day to give thanks for the nation’s freedoms, our citizens’ character, and our shared commitment to community.  

On Tuesday, November 6 (Election Day!), at 7:15 pm, First Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), 910 S. Collins, Arlington, TX 76010 will host an Election Day Communion Service. Political campaigns separate some people from other people. Analysts will describe how our voting patterns “break down” on the basis of age, ethnicity, economic status, gender, religion, and ideology. Yet, Christ prayed that his followers would all be ONE (John 17:21). The purpose of our unity is to express to the world the truth of the Gospel. Our Election Day Communion Service is designed to say that beyond all the yard signs and coffee shop debates, the one who unites us as Christians is more important than the ones who divide us into political parties. Everyone is welcome. Service will last approximately forty-five minutes.