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I believe in one God, the Lord, who is the Creator of all that is.  I believe that God is personal.  I believe that God knows each of us and wants a personal relationship with us.

I believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of the Living God, and I profess him to be Lord and Savior of the World.

I believe in the Holy Spirit as the part of God who relates to us.  The Holy Spirit gives life, causes the fruit of the Spirit to emerge with us, enables us for service in the church.

I believe that the church is both a local and universal reality.  In its local manifestation, the Church (Congregation) has a specific responsibility for those who are its members.  The New Testament admonition to “love one another” is directed primarily to the local church.  In its universal manifestation the Church is one, by divine creation, and works to make the created unity visible to the world.